Our Global Server Based Solution

Octopus Server Based Gaming

Server Based Gaming (SBG) Facilitates the centralized control, monitoring and gaming, including on a competitive basis, in an unlimited number of casinos. The system consist of a central accounting server (ACCS), multiple game servers (GS1, GS2,...GSN) - one for each game, local servers positioned in every casino, mechanical generators (sphere, wheel), gaming places (STORK terminals), statistics, and jackpot and Player tracking servers.

Octopus Server Based Gaming

Multigame Experience

SBG Central Server

  • Games Management and Settings
  • RNG
  • Real-Time reporting
  • SBG Management
  • Supervison
  • Administrative Support:
      - Accounting and Reporting
      - Audit
      - Terminals Monitoring
      - Network Monitoring
      - Server Monitoring


Casino operator console consists of hardware and software for control and monitoring of adjacent SBG.
Global Solution SBG Multigames:
-Powered by mCORE Gaming Platform
-Include weel-known and proven games with high definition graphics
-Quick and easy configuration via the operator menu
-Quick and handy collection of comprehensive statistics via the operator menu
Cash Desk:
-Easy and functional operator interface - real time monitoring of Casino status
-Player account management

Data Reports & Analysis

Parameters and data, exported in tables or reported, odserved and accounted in real time on the server.

Communication Network

Hierarchical Structure of SBG Platform - Central Location & variable number of other locations (Casinos)
Provides secure encrypted data transport channel between the central system and locations
-Easy system scaling
-Communication based on TCP/IP
-SSL certificate authorisation