General Features

  • Elegant and pure design
  • 32" FULL HD main monitor with touch screen
  • 32" FULL HD second information monitor (optional)
  • 27" FULL HD top monitor for Jackpot visualization (optional)
  • Dolby surround system for for better gaming experience
  • Attractive LED lights around the terminal
  • Multi game supported & Multi-language supported
  • Two types of keyboard: LED touch + 3 mechanical or 13 mechanical
  • Bill validator with stacker cash boxes
  • Ticket Printer device (optional)
  • Real time in screen HD video streaming
  • Armrest made of carbon material
  • Unlimited flexibility, it can be arranged in various configurations

Multigame Experience

Jackpot Solution

  • Following its concept to develop highly advanced software for all kinds of multiplayer games, gaming terminals and systems, EGT's multiplayer solutions department has created the Rigel series to combine the video slots and roulette games with a mystery progressive jackpot system - Jackpot Cards.

    The players are now able to connect up to six automated or live roulette wheels and to choose also among the vast array of slot games with various themes and different number of paylines within the both presented multigame mixes - Rigel-1 and Rigel-2

    Pursuing highest satisfaction of both operators and players and striving to comply with specific regulatory requirements, EGT has also created the following additional options for the Rigel system:

    • Dual Rigel monitor - game software, specifically designed for slot cabinets. The jackpot levels are shown on the upper display in HD resolution
    • Rigel R - a modification of the Rigel software, suitable for every market, including those with stringent regulatory requirements. Using it the player has the option to connect only to up to six roulette wheels from a single terminal.

Choose Your Configuration


Live Wheel Connection Kit

The STORK Multiplayer Terminals can be connected to all EGT's Automated and Live Roulette Wheels and the Live Roulette Wheels by "ABBIATI", "TCS JOHNHUXLEY" and "CAMMEGH" via Live Wheel Connection Kit (LWCK).

All other LIVE roulette's wheels are supported with additional EGT's onRim Reader by request.

HEIGHT: 1896 mm
WIDTH: 1000 mm
DEPTH: 692 mm

Monitoring & Control System

  • Monitoring & Control System (MCS)

    Supports all egt multiplayer devices.

    Communication based on TCP/IP with the latest safety standards in data encryption with SSL Certificate.

    High quality servers.

    Web based application.

  • Real time data

    Exploitation time accounting for Electronic Gaming Machines and Games with daily periods .

    Histories for all games (Roulette, Slots and others).

    All major events generating from EGT Multiplayer Electronic Gaming Devices , Wheels and Jackpot Servers .

  • EGT - Multiplayer Jackpot servers

    Accounting for Jackpot levels, Games and Playstations with daily periods.

    Current levels values.

  • Online IT and Technical Support

    When you need support, we are there for you 24/7.

    Our analysts can evaluate your EGT - Multiplayer Electronic Gaming Devices results to improve and optimize them.

    Real-time surveillance.

Technical Specification

  • Height: 820 mm / 2072 mm
  • Width: 790 mm
  • Depth: 862 mm
  • Required voltage: 100÷120V / 220÷240V AC 50 ÷ 60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: 0° C ÷ +30° C
  • Operating humidity: 0% ÷ 85%